Original 1943 WWII Aviators
by Bausch&Lomb, always a

good supply in stock

contemporary art & design

Vintage Clothing

GENERATOR, where even

the cheap stuff is expensive!

Outdoor bench AR5,

made of Accoya wood,

and cor-ten steel. Will

outlive generations.

Design Arthur Rottier

photographic art

Nobody does original WWII Bomber Jackets like GENERATOR.

A  1941 B-7 parka, in awesome condition. Always a good selection

of B-3’s in stock. This is where iconic originated.


Rabbit Stand®


The ideal solution for furry friends that are prone to falling over or that tend to run away

Rabbit Stand by Bart Jansen, maker of  Orvillecopter. A limited series of 20 signed and numbered examples. All made from different solid woods and a ceramic carrot. A GENERATOR exclusive.

military antiques

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Designing twin brothers SJOERD and NOUT came up with this simple yet elegant clamp bench, that you assemble without tools or hardware. The planks (you decide on length) are clamped by the cast iron frameparts.


Always in stock at GENERATOR.

Easy to fling into the trunk

of your vehicle.

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Modekwartier Arnhem


sonsbeeksingel 111



Arthur Rottier




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